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August 2007

Digital Photography

Houghton Lodge

The thing about living near the sea is that if you get a weekend plus sunshine combo then you don’t stand a chance of getting anywhere near it (unless you enjoy sitting in traffic). On days like these it’s…

Digital Photography

Big spender

This is a bank-holiday weekend in the UK, so I have padded out my Monday off work with the Friday and Tuesday as well, so I am now beginning my five day weekend. Hooray! And the sun is shining…

Digital Photography

Photo Friday – Unfinished

The Photo Friday challenge this week is ‘unfinished’. Do not worry, this mid-morning latte didn’t go unfinished for long – and I agree, it does look like some little mouse couldn’t wait and has had a bit of a…


Blackberry muffins

Oh my goodness, I think I’ve invented the best recipe yet, even if I do say so myself. There seems to be a glut of blackberries at the moment (not that I’m complaining), and rather than make an apple…



Is it wrong that I think about sewing and fabric and things I can make all the time?! Whilst I’m watching TV (somehow I still manage to find the time to fit this in) I find myself unnaturally fixated…


Keep It Simple, Silly.

I am sure you haven’t noticed at all, but the gaps between posts here have been getting significantly bigger and bigger. It’s almost like I’ve got a life beyond the computer. Almost. I know this is hard to believe,…



I totally, utterly, incontrovertibly despise having to do paperwork. I realise that probably everyone hates it (don’t they? surely this is the case), but honestly, it makes me want to cry. I am thinking of having a small large…


Here Wii go…

Nintendo marketing department, you have excelled yourself. I didn’t know I HAD to have a Nintendo Wii, but somehow you convinced me that yes, I did. And now I do! How did you do it? I’ve been listening to…