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May 2011

Digital Photography

A walk in the park

I’m not well-known for being super-organised (quite the opposite) so I was very proud of myself when, on discovering I’d set out on my photographic excursion without a compact flash card I was able to delve into my purse…

Au Coin De Ma Rue - Sue

Linkydink Saturday

In the FT (Financial Times) today there’s a great interview between Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga – what a duo! I love these cushions by Alexandra Ferguson – I wish I could decide on which one to get. The…

polly - pixiemama

5fives with PixiePolly

About Polly I’m a full time mama to three beautiful, home schooled girls. I blog at Pixie Mama about life, crafts and inspiration. I love to be creative – and I sell handmade jewellery and upcycled clothing in my…

hut 7
Instant Life Photography

Seven years

It’s not just my website that’s looking different, I am feeling different. Good different. Transfering the content of seven plus years of blog made me look at my life, literally, from the outside. It made me think about how…

cow parsley
Digital Life Photography

New beginnings

OK, so I haven’t quite finished yet but… here it is! Thanks for being so patient. I’ve been up to my elbows in WordPress for a few weeks now; there’s been PHP and CSS all over the place but…

me - taken with my phone

5fives with Angie Muldowney (hey, that’s me)!

About Angie Normally there would be an introduction here about the person answering the question, but seeing as this is my own website, all you need to do is checkout my about page! Your top five camera-bag essentials (non-photographic)…

orange notepad


:::NOTE::: the post below really only made sense if you read it on the old website. Hello Lovelies! Crikey, you should see what i’m doing over in the new ‘pad’ I’m totally going for it! I’ve sorted all the…