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2016 free calendar

A free 2016 calendar template for Photoshop

It’s been a while, but I’m back. And I have gifts! The end of the year is drawing ever closer, so here’s a template that can be used in Photoshop to create your own calendars. It’s ideal for showing…

Free Photography

A free 2015 calendar template for Photoshop

It’s that time of year again, time to start planning how you’ll wow your family and friends during the festive period – how about with a calendar made up of your own lovely photos and Instagrams? This free template…

Free Photography

A freebie 2014 calendar template for your photos

UPDATE: the 2015 template is now available! Here’s something to do on those rapidly approaching cool autumn evenings – fire up Photoshop (any version will do, including Elements) and create a calendar with all those lovely photos you’ve taken…

Free Photography

A freebie 2013 calendar template for your photos

PLEASE NOTE: A 2014 version of this calendar is now available [divider_line] Whilst I’ll admit to desperately clinging on to the coat-tails of summer, I’ve seen more than one brown leaf flutter down before my eyes and plenty of…