Photo Friday – Analog

OK, now don’t laugh, this is me aged about 7. The latest challenge on Photo Friday is called ‘Analog’, so the idea is you post on picture that was not taken with a digital camera.

Strictly speaking I didn’t take this photo, this is the work of the school photographer, but my Mum and Dad paid the exorbatent prices demanded at the time, so I guess it’s mine to do with as I wish! (Plus it’s the best I can do as I seem to have blown up all the scanners I’ve ever owned in my life, both at home and at work)!

I remember getting very little sleep the night before this photo was taken. I had gone to bed wearing a very tight fitting swimming cap in order to get my unruly curls to look ‘normal’ and straight and I think it gave me bad dreams. This worked a treat for the first five minutes after I took the cap off in the morning, but by the time I was sat on the sheep-skin rug in the school canteen, humidity had done it’s thing and I looked like a big dandelion head all over again!

I have many hair-related stories to share, as I’m sure every curly headed girl who grew up in a world of unachievable 80s and 90s bobs/wedges/flat-tops and flicks does!

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