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Time Zero Artistic film

Instant Photography

Instant love

I have been dusting off my Polaroid cameras over the last week or so – I find they really need lots and lots of light to be truly happy and what with having to be super-careful with my precious…

Instant Photography

Saturday afternoon

You have to grab photo opportunities wherever and whenever you can, even if it’s in B&Q car park on a Saturday afternoon. Luckily I’d thrown my trusty SX-70 into may bag – loaded with Polaroid Artistic TimeZero film. The…

Instant Photography

Beach time (zero)

The irredecant bluey/goldy tones of Polaroid Time Zero Artistic film lend themselves nicely to these seasidey shots… These are of Porthtowan in Cornwall. It’s my fave beach; not too touristy but with the convenience of good, freshly ground coffee…

Instant Photography


Truth be told, I am a bit of a nosy parker. Especially when it comes to windows; I just have to look in. Double-decker busses are the best for this – at dusk when lights are on but curtains…