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A new black & white

I got hold of some of Impossible’s B&W 2.0 film for my lovely Polaroid SX-70 (which I literally had to dust off before using). The best thing about this film is that you can just use it – like…

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Fuji in the forest

My Fuji Instax 200 (the chunkiest lump of plastic you’re ever likely to meet) was the camera I grabbed to record a little trip put to the forest last week. Then I remembered I didn’t have a scanner any more so had to…

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Why, hello there! Let me introduce myself, I used to be the person that regularly updated this blog. Then I got busy and things began to slide a bit. Then I got sick (I think from being so busy)…

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Spring is here!

Whilst I’m all about embracing the here and now, I can understand how certain seasons might annoy some people. Certainly if waiting for buses/trains/lifts is anything to go by… Summer: Too hot. Too many sweaty armpits. Too many bees.…

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Winter ponderland

I ponder on some very random things when I’m in meetings at work drifting off to sleep. Like, why do you never get goosebumps on your face? How does dry-cleaning work? And why is it I’ve not used my beloved Polaroid SX-70…

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Red, white and blue

I’m sure it wont have escaped your notice (especially if you’re in GB right now) that jubilee fever is in full swing! That’s why there’s rain forecast. D’oh. Look at Oxford Street – pretty, huh! I was actually splap…

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Fuji Instax Mini 25 goes to Cornwall

As the four day weekend that accompanies Easter is now well and truly over I thought I would reminisce a bit more about my magical trip to Cornwall last month. One of the cameras I took with me was my Fuji…

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Happy Easter

Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend, be it Easter-y or otherwise. I had chocolate for breakfast so I’m happy! Did you get an Easter egg? April showers are definitely the call of the day round these parts and…

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March favourites

My favourite photography blog My favourite flickr photo (a whole set, actually; a whole awesome set) My favourite retro TV show – thanks Netflix My favourite current TV show (OMG, the tension, the paranoia, the twisty-turny conspiracy-ness)! My favourite…