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There’s a big stately home less than 10 miles from my home that I’ve never visited in all my life, so on Friday I took a day off work and finally got round to seeing what was on my almost-doorstep.…

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A procrastinators guide to the internet

I’m totally rubbish at origami but I might try a bit harder because I really want to make one of these – I could make a necklace and fill it with a secret stash of sweeties! Here are some…


Time management

I’ve introduced more lists into my life. More plans of things I want to do when I’ve completed all the things I have to do. (Stationery alert: new notebook required. Hooray)! I found that when I was left to my own devices…


Sunshine yellow

Promises can be intimidating (especially the ones you make to yourself), so in this period of resolutions and good intentions, I am simply opening myself up to light, sunshine, brightness and positivity. 2015 will be sunshine yellow! (Oh, and I knew those…

Design Life Photography

June favourites

How different sorts of tears look totally different close up. Spotify has been my saviour this last month or so – I feel so dispirited with the music played on radio nowadays, it’s just not for me. Now I have collected so…

Instant Life Photography


Why, hello there! Let me introduce myself, I used to be the person that regularly updated this blog. Then I got busy and things began to slide a bit. Then I got sick (I think from being so busy)…


January favourites

January always seems to last at least twelve weeks so unsurprisingly I have a lot of things in this months list of favourites. Like, my new favourite mug. Spencer Murphy won the Taylor Wessing Portrait of the year 2013…


One year, five senses

By the end of 2014 I will have… Seen a typeface designed by me. Heard the ocean. Smelt the ink and paper of deliciously inspiring books. (I love that smell). Touched pens and paper and ink and paint and…


December favourites

I got t he best gift of all this Christmas (no, not a Furby) I got a big old dollop of free time! It was wonderful – nothing to do for a whole week. Do you know what I…