January favourites

January always seems to last at least twelve weeks so unsurprisingly I have a lot of things in this months list of favourites.

Like, my new favourite mug.

lionel mug

Spencer Murphy won the Taylor Wessing Portrait of the year 2013 with this amazing photo and that in turn led me to his portfolio website and tumblr which are really inspiring.

All the advice you’ll need in life via Caitlin Moran on Twitter, Storified.

caitlin moran

OK, I am about to proclaim my ignorance now so be gentle with me… you know crispy tortilla chips? Well, they’re just cooked tortilla wraps!!!  Well, I was shocked (and a bit annoyed about all the stale wraps I’ve thrown out over the years that could have been whacked in the oven and dipped in something gorgeous). Here’s a recipe if you don’t believe me. Equally, peanut butter is just whizzed up peanuts! Just the one ingredient, but yes I still need the recipe.

I’m lovin’ me a bit of Pharrell Williams to cheer me up on rainy days (i.e. every day). If this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

We’re all Drew Barrymore fans here aren’t we, well here’s something that makes here all the more awesome – her book on photos of hearts in unexpected place Find it in Everything.

Adverts can sometimes be very, very clever – like this billboard by British Airways.

I love these Scandinavian screen prints by Sanna Annukka

sanna annukka prints

I’m no wedding photographer but if I was I am sure I’d find these email templates a godsend.

Birds are really weird. Why fly half way round the world just for a nicer dinner, why not stay where there’s food all the time, YOU CAN FLY! What’s all that singing about? And starlings, I think you might be the craziest of all.

Nowadays you can get your photos printed onto anything, and I mean anything, I mean… marshmallows! You get a sweet box of 9 uniquely personal marshmallows from Boomf for £12 – I just know I’d want to keep them forever though.


And finally, you weren’t doing anything important today were you? Here’s a list of all google’s hidden tricks and ‘easter eggs’. You’re welcome.

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    1 February 2014 at 09:58

    Dublin is also happy!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

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    Lisa Gordon
    20 February 2014 at 16:59

    I absolutely LOVE this mug!!! :-)

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