Busy bee

Mad at work right now, plus am busy with my CV applying for my own job… AGAIN! The second time in six months… don’t ask!

Have a friend off to San Francisco soon, so surfing around to build my shopping list, to take advantage of the strong British pound right now. I think some Touch Eclat might just be in order as all these late nights is showing under my eyes!

To anyone whose sent an email or left a comment lately, I will reply soon, I promise (as my Mum always said it was rude not respond to corresponance).

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    4 February 2005 at 00:36

    Thanks for introducing me to the Moloko CD. I’m really enjoying it. Write a big shopping list for your friend. I imagine a cup of coffee would run me about $10US in London these days.
    –May from San Diego, CA

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