I have been tagged by the lovely Victoria Bennett Beyer to tell you seven things about myself, some random, some weird, then you have to do the same on your blog and link back to here. It’s the law.

1 – Shhh
Whether its the washing machine spinning (I have to be out of the room house), the vacuum cleaner sucking or the coffee grinder grinding I go a bit jellified when things get loud and have to clamp my hands to my ears. Watching TV is always a battle of the remotes, I am on team ‘turn it down’. Team ‘I can’t hear a thing’ is always muttering too loudly. A small mouse sneezing two streets away will wake me from the deepest slumber. Maybe I am developing a rather useless and inconvenient super-sense à la ‘Heroes’. Maybe I am just finnicky. You’d think I’d be less noisy myself, wouldn’t you.

2 – I am rather keen on murders
…but only the fictitious sort, of course. From the classically comforting and everso slightly ridiculous Poirot/Miss Marple to the gritty and hide-behind-a-cushion realism of the more modern-day offerings. My bed-side table and Sky+ box are filled with death and intreige. I am currently halfway through Henning Mankell’s Wallender detective books – I hope that Kenneth Branagh can convincingly emulate the entertainingly depressive Swede in his new TV version. If anyone can I guess Ken’s the man to do it.

3 – Gordon Bennett!
Every time I hear the names Gordon Bown and/or Gordon Ramsay I have to consciously think which is which. I then chuckle to myself thinking about either one of them doing the others job. I would definitely tune into the PMs question-time if that ever transpired! Hell’s Kitchen though would probably be a little dour and efficient – although you never know…

4 – The worst job I ever had
…was when I was 17 and worked in a pet-shop/aquaruim. My duties included picking out all the poorly looking fish and hiding them in “the sick tanks” round the back. That secret room was like an aquatic  version of Dante’s circles of hell (something I was pre-occupied with at the time) – from the one-eyed and fin-rotted to the truly mutant and cannibalistic, you’ve never seen anything like it. I was sacked for encouraging a family of stray kittens onto the premisis by leaving piles of fishy smelling kibble for them by the back door.

5 – I am very good at…
Stopping the fast-forward button on the Sky+ at just the right spot, stacking the dishwasher, keeping calm in a crisis, procrastinating, day-dreamimg, baking maderia cake, multi-tasking (but then I am a woman), getting crushes, burying my head in the sand, guessing how much a trolley full of shopping costs, trying new things.

6 – Hurry up!
I’m a very impatient person. If you’re speaking very slowly then that pained look on my face is probably because I’m fighting the urge to draw circles in the air with my finger. Luckily I am very polite as well so haven’t been punched yet. One of the reasons I moved over from the traditional world of print-based graphic design to web-design (back in the olden-days of the late 90s) was because I was unbearably impatient and moany about the whole drawn out proofing and printing process. Now though I can make a surruptitious tweak to an unsuspecting stylesheet and see the results right away. Much better!

7 – Did you know?
If someone on TV is told to hold their breath I have to do it too. I mostly don’t ever swear (much), but when I do it’s very effective! My head is big and my hair is even bigger so I don’t do hats and often got stuck in my sweater as a child.

Your go!

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    Victoria Bennett Beyer
    26 November 2008 at 15:59

    Thanks for playing along. It’s kinda fun, after you get going, isn’t it?
    Though I don’t have tender ears, I do love silence. I so relish my mornings when things are quiet, and I get to sit in front of the computer with a cup of tea and just read and think.
    I love your worst job story. If you are going to get sacked, it might as well be because you were helping out homeless kitties. Speaking of homeless, my husband was telling me the Queen will give the homeless a stipend so they can feed their dogs. Is that true?
    By the way, your head does not look like it could possibly be big enough to get caught in a sweater :)

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