Things to do when the network ‘goes down’ at work, and you can’t do anything because all your work is on magical, faraway servers – even Photoshop won’t work as it wants ‘something’ from the network in order to open…
Tidy desk (hmmm, maybe not, I haven’t got all day)

  • Pay some bills online (now I’m depressed)
  • Order some stuff from Amazon (now I’m less depressed, but even more broke)
  • Go to coffee shop for a large cappuccino with an extra shot!!! (now i’m buzzing… I need to do some work!!)
  • Resort to finding layout pad and marker pens to get work done (enjoy fumes from afore mentioned marker pens)
  • Spend ages doodling the company logo on mock-up, leave rest of the page blank (that should impress them at the presentation)
  • Sharpen pencils
  • Talk to people about weekend antics (which in my case involves free tickets to football game, hob-nobing with local celebraties, pub-crawl from stadium to town to home and severe memory loss until sometime Sunday, where it all get a lot less interesting)
  • Catch up on the news (Someone stole Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’… always a bit overrated if you ask me)
  • Write stuff for your blog (this must have killed at least 10 more minutes, and it looks like I’m working too!)

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