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June favourites

This month I was made to add another number to my age, another candle to my cake; I am now 6.63324958071²

I love June – not because of birthdays but because of all the light and colour and flowers! Plus the strawberries, asparagus, peonies and ice cream. It’s all so good.


Sometime I think I should get a pet – I quite like the idea of a dog. In my head he’s a wire fox terrier called Nigel and would probably look like this most of the time. He’d bring me my slippers/tv-remote/chocolate hob-nobs on demand, take himself for walks and only ever do pooh’s in the toilet like a human (and flush). I have a suspicion though that this isn’t how dogs work (which is why I don’t have one).

With that in mind I loved this article (from the brilliant luv and hat blog – you really must check it out) it sums up dogs very well  I especially like the line Owning a dog is like being followed around all day by a Womble who constantly wants your autograph. Which is pushing me ever-closer to Battersea Dogs’ Home as I was nuts about Wombles as a kid.

If you’re in the UK (woo, UK!) check out the BBC iPlayer and point your peepers at Imagine… which this week was all about the wonderful Vivian Maier.

vivian maier - self-portrait

The programme made me feel a little sad actually – she seemed so lonely and unengaged with society. The people who own the now dispersed collection (auctioned off by the suitcase full from a storage unit that she could no longer afford) seem a little bewildered and blinded by their sheer monitory value and whilst individual photos speak for themselves and are always a pleasure to see, it would be wonderful to see a knowledgeable curator with access to the whole collection being able to show her work.

Did you watch it yourself? What did you think?

When it comes to creating prints for my little shop I normally have an idea and then find a font to fit, however sometimes I get font-lust (it’s a real thing) I discover a typeface that I have to have, simply for the sheer beauty of it, and becomes the inspirations itself. Such a font is ‘Trend’ by Latinotype – and get this, not only is it beautiful but it’s in the SALE! Kerching!

yes sir, i can boogie

I really want someone I know to get married soon because I want them to live happily ever after so I can buy a little hatlet from hellostrumpet on etsy…

hellostrumpet hat

Do you have curly hair? If so this is for you – in fact straighties should check this out too and they might get an idea of our pain! 31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

This month I’ve been loving The Body Shop – they have a limited edition body butter and scrub in Brazil Nut flavour which is a-may-ZING! It smells like those caramelised toasted nuts that you get at Christmas markets – I’ve managed to stop myself eating it so far but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to resist. (If you’re quick there’s 40% off at the moment too).

So, there we go then, that was June – full of solstices and super-moons, barbeques under tarpaulins and cuppas in scorchingly sunny garden. Personally I’m hoping for a lot more in the way of summer weather and a lot less in the way of freezing winds and drizzle. I am ever the optimist.

How has June treated you?

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  • Reply
    28 June 2013 at 08:47

    In conclusion: we pretty much have exactly the same tastes. Every time you post about something you love, i’m all “ooh! I love that too!”. We are taste twins, if you will. Thus, if I ever become a millionaire, I will be hiring you to make my world beautiful. And no, you don’t get a say in the matter.

    • Reply
      28 June 2013 at 20:15

      I like the sound of that job – run out and buy lottery tickets, immediately!

  • Reply
    28 June 2013 at 08:54

    Happy belated birthday then!
    And speaking of age, do you know this site? You can work your age out on other worlds:
    It’s great fun!

    • Reply
      28 June 2013 at 20:16

      That is AWESOME!!! I’m only 23 (on Mars) – that’s my new stock answer to how old I am :)

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