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Font Friday – St Marie

If you’re after a font that’s lightweight, legible but with a little flair, then this might be the font for you. Such sophistication deserves a French sounding name – let me introduce you to St Marie (light) which is in fact…

Design Typography

Font Friday – Big Top

Circus posters are always a great source of inspiration for any graphic designer – they’re there to grab the attention in the most bold and colourful ways and the more fancy and outrageous they are, the cooler they look!…

Design Inspiration Typography

Font Friday – Janda Script

I have a fair few addictions in life (coffee, Marmite, lipsticks, crime fiction, stationery – to name a few) high up on that list is fonts! In the olden days I hand laid hot metal type and worked as a…

Design Life Photography

June favourites

How different sorts of tears look totally different close up. Spotify has been my saviour this last month or so – I feel so dispirited with the music played on radio nowadays, it’s just not for me. Now I have collected so…

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Whilst I often buy things just for the packaging, I do actually put some store in what the product is/does etc. One such recent purchase and something I’ve been loving lots and lots is this amazing face cream… …and…

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Is this a humblebrag? I hope it’s not, it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be an explantion for all the tumbleweed round these parts of late. I realise now that whilst I had ‘a plan’, it was…

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June favourites

This month I was made to add another number to my age, another candle to my cake; I am now 6.63324958071² I love June – not because of birthdays but because of all the light and colour and flowers!…

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This other thing that I do

If there are periods of quiet here on the blog then it could very possibly be because I am tied-up with this other little endeavour I’m about to reveal to you (because, you know, having a full-time job, writing…

tinker tailor soldier spy - mood board
Design Inspiration

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I went to the cinema last night to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which I loved a lot! It’s basically a spy film but the opposite of a James Bond film – there’s no glamour, the colour is washed…

autumn colours
Design Inspiration

Autumn colour

Whatever your views on the end of summer, the designs, colours and textures that appear at this time of year are simply yummy! Monsoon | Hawthorn cross-body bag | £60 Etsy | Fantastic Fox Hat | $25 ASOS |…