Font Friday – St Marie

If you’re after a font that’s lightweight, legible but with a little flair, then this might be the font for you. Such sophistication deserves a French sounding name – let me introduce you to St Marie (light) which is in fact German in origin.

Ooh, la la!

You can see the whole font family in all it’s sexy glory on the Stereotypes website – it’s all I can do not to lick my monitor in lust when I look at the font offerings here. If you like this light version of St Marie you can download it for free from FontSquirrel.

The light version can be a bit too light for body copy but makes a striking display font – the tracking (the spacing between each letter) can run a little wide but it’s nothing Photoshop or Illustrator can’t help you adjust if it bothers you.

A great choice when you can’t decide between a serif or a sans-serif.


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