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Font Friday – St Marie

If you’re after a font that’s lightweight, legible but with a little flair, then this might be the font for you. Such sophistication deserves a French sounding name – let me introduce you to St Marie (light) which is in fact…

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Some 2013 wallpaper for you

I’m feeling preeeetty chilled and flolloppy right now. If you’re a grown-up too then you won’t have started to exhale and relax until about 27th December too. We made it though – welcome to the lazy days. (Unless you have one…

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A freebie wallpaper

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This has to be my number one favourite saying – just imagine if some magic genie-type chap whispered this in your ear; what would you try first? Isn’t…

wallpaper - december 2011
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Desktop wallpaper for December

Despite what seems to be a huge amount of christmassy goings-on, I have to keep reminding myself it is actually still November… but only just. So to help ring in the new month here is a (non-christmassy) desktop wallpaper. OK,…


Thank goodness it’s April

A day or two late but here, for April, is some lovely, blossomy wallpaper for you desktop. It’s magnolia, of course – the stuff is everywhere at the moment and I for one am not complaining… 1024 x 768…