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Font Friday – Janda Script

I have a fair few addictions in life (coffee, Marmite, lipsticks, crime fiction, stationery – to name a few) high up on that list is fonts! In the olden days I hand laid hot metal type and worked as a…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday; random awesomeness

I’ve always loved a good rummage around on Flickr to get me fired up about taking photos – people are so talented and I’m feeling so inspired! Also, I can’t believe it will be my 10-year Flickrversay next month o_O…

Inspiration Life Photography

July favourites

Oh, July, you’ve been amazing. Simply golden! So much light and heat and sunshine – everything I ever wished for. You’ve given me a huge dollop of inspiration to find a way out of my 9-5 existence and into…

Inspiration Life Photography

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak is something we like to eat here in England – it basically yesterday’s dinner rehashed and fried up… that’s kind of what this post is all about! You know how critics of Instagram complain it’s just…

Inspiration Photography

My favourite wedding photographers

I’ve always had enormous admiration for wedding photographers. When I close my eyes and envision myself taking on this role it rapidly turns into an episode of Mr Bean but with loads more swearing and general mayhem. I am…

Inspiration Life Photography


If you’re reading this then it means we all made it to 2013 – happy new year! Have you made any resolutions? I’ve made my now traditional annual promises; things like be more organised, be less fearful and get…

Film Inspiration Photography

Covent Garden by Clive Boursnell

Look at these photos. I adore these photos! They were taken by Clive Boursnell – they are of Covent Garden, London between 1968-1974. Oh, my! Images like this get me so excited about photography – I just want to…