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Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak is something we like to eat here in England – it basically yesterday’s dinner rehashed and fried up… that’s kind of what this post is all about!

You know how critics of Instagram complain it’s just photos of people’s food (guilty), well I can only imagine they haven’t seen JuliesKitchen and her brilliant food montages – if they did they’d soon be eating their words! (Ha, see what I did there).

julieskitchen - instagram

TangleTeezer’s. I have NO idea how or why they works but believe me – they DO work, even on my hair. Trust me, I am constantly one missed hairwash away from having a full head of dreadlocks (not even exaggerating) and this manages to somehow glide through my hair. It must be a godsend if you have hairy children – I can remember screaming until I was red-faced and exhausted having my hair detangled (not very lady-like for someone in their 40s). (Ha, not really, I mean when I was a kid). (Shut up)! If you are part yak like me, buy one now!

You probably don’t know this about me but I have a bit of a soft-spot for Brutalist architecture. A classic example of this was the Heygate Estate in the Elephant & Castle area of London. It’s now in the process of redevelopment but whilst the buildings and whole area was evacuated and sealed off from the public, architectural photographer Simon Kennedy took the chance to take some amazingly provocative photographs.

Heygate Abstracted by Simon Kennedy

Have you discovered Alex Beadon yet? She has a brilliant website dedicated to helping photographers and other creative people with business advice; helping to make their dreams a reality. I especially love watching her videos which are amazingly inspiring and have some brilliant tips!

Airbnb is a totally awesome business. It’s all about renting rooms from ordinary people in cities all around the world – an alternative to staying in hotels and regular b’n’b’s. They have a feature on their website called ‘neighbourhoods’ – they have commissioned fantastic photographers to show off different areas of bigger cites. There are seven cities featured right now but I happen to know there are more great neighbourhoods in the pipeline. Have a browse through and get the travel bug – I know I have! (I’m currently obsessed with browsing through the New York ones).

airbnb - ny - julia robbs West Village, New York, photographed by Julia Robbs

Every time I do the Briggs Myers test I always come out the same – ENFP. Is it rubbish? I don’t know – I don’t normally hold much store with Cosmo sex-quiz style ‘what sort of person are you’-type questionnaires but if you’re 100% honest with your answers I think there is enough science behind this one to give you a pretty accurate reflection of your personality… which admittedly is only a starting point, but sometimes having a label can prove useful in trying to understand what really make you tick. What sort of person are you?

I’m really into graphic tees at the moment, like this onethis one and these ones. I would LOVE it if you could let me know of any other cool T-shirt shops online. #addict

PS – thanks for all the well wishes from last week – Cass’s scary comment made me take things easy and I’m glad to report things are getting back to normal :)

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    sara M
    22 February 2013 at 00:59

    i’ve got some cool graphic tees from urban outfitters and asos

  • Reply
    22 February 2013 at 12:03

    See, I feel guilty now. Sorry for being a such a party pooper! Glad you’re getting back to normal though. Oh, and I’m an INTJ – apparently, this is a profile that is common in both legal professionals and scientists, so it was almost a foregone conclusion for me (intellectual property lawyer with a degree in molecular genetics). Problem is, I can only ever remember what the I stands for so not sure what else I’m revealing by telling you the NTJ part.

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