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Five fave blogs

Do the words ‘Sophie’s Choice’ mean anything? Only that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m supposed to pick just five blogs out of THE WHOLE INTERNET? OK then, I’ve picked one from each of my top five categories according…

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Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak is something we like to eat here in England – it basically yesterday’s dinner rehashed and fried up… that’s kind of what this post is all about! You know how critics of Instagram complain it’s just…


I ❤ you, internets

OK, so a lot of this has been happening here in Britain, lately… …which has meant there’s been a lot of internet procrastination research going down chez nous. I know we’ve just left Monopoly season behind us (does anyone…

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If you’re reading this then it means we all made it to 2013 – happy new year! Have you made any resolutions? I’ve made my now traditional annual promises; things like be more organised, be less fearful and get…


Christmas 2012 gift guide for photographers

So, how are your holiday preparations going? If they’re anything there’s plenty of good intentions but not a lot going on in the action department. The majority of my efforts have ended in me finding lots of stuff I’d…

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March favourites

My favourite photography blog My favourite flickr photo (a whole set, actually; a whole awesome set) My favourite retro TV show – thanks Netflix My favourite current TV show (OMG, the tension, the paranoia, the twisty-turny conspiracy-ness)! My favourite…

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February favourites

I knooooooooooooow it’s March. I know! Here though, at last, are my February favourites… My favourite flickr photo (and this one) My favourite thing I want from Etsy My favourite read I have a new favourite social network (yes,…

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Whilst I’ve been gone…

During my down time I sent Mr M out to give my 5D to the camera store so they could clean the mucky sensor. Whilst I have been known to add grimy, dirty textures to my images in the…

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Saturday supplement

Hooray, it’s the weekend! Here are some fun-tabulous links I’ve discovered over the last seven days that I think you might like. Sites like Empire magazine who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary by hosting a star-studded photoshoot paying tribute…