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Now the clocks have gone back an hour and autumn has well and truly settled in, it’s frightfully inconvenient to be spending all my daylight hours at the ‘day job’. So when the weekend comes around it’s all a bit frantic – there’s a garden to be pottered around in, brisk walks to be trotted out and of course snap, snap, snapping with my ever-growing collection of cameras and lenses.

Saturday unfortunatey was a COMPLETE washout – severe weather warnings and so much rain. Sunday though, not too bad. By the time the weekend ritual of pots of coffee, dippy eggs and general laziness had transpired though, there was only a couple of hours of light left, so despite the slight misty drizzle we dashed to the nearest photogenic spot I could think of – Southampton’s “Old Cemetery” on The Common.

I think you’ll agree that the blurriness that the lensbaby adds to a photo has a very spooky effect when applied to shots of tombs and gravestones.

I also tried a couple of shots with my new (to me) ‘Polaroid Spirit’ – also pretty spooky. I’m totally loving this whole new world of Polaroid film, there’s something magical and intensly satisfying to someone as impatient as me to see your photo magically appear from your camera’s bottom. And look at how ethereal and ‘undigital’ the effect is. Expect to see lots more soon!

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    Victoria Bennett Beyer
    14 November 2008 at 17:23

    I love the new effects you are getting, esp. that top photo of the leaves.

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