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Canon EOS 300D

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So, it’s the end of January . Yes it’s still cold, but we are today at the eve of Imbloc (St Brigid’s Day, Candlemas – the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox – appeals to…

Digital Photography

Off with a bang

Well, the day after the night before felt pretty damn good (even if I am very sleepy after staying up till 4am)! It felt very right setting off a few fireworks tonight, and as it’s Guy Fawkes night too,…

Digital Instant Photography


Now the clocks have gone back an hour and autumn has well and truly settled in, it’s frightfully inconvenient to be spending all my daylight hours at the ‘day job’. So when the weekend comes around it’s all a…

Digital Photography


Happy Halloween! I’m hoping the neighbourhood kids don’t take all the sweeties tonight so I can have something nice instead of as well as my dinner – especially as we brought lots of retro sweets that they’ll never truly…

Digital Photography

Photo Friday – Garden

This week’s PhotoFriday Challenge is ‘The Garden’. Well, thank goodness, because I have plenty of those piccies to choose from – here’s a little tableaux, through the viewfinder of my olde-fashionedy camera (I miss my little marigolds)……

Digital Photography

Lensbaby 3G

At long last I’ve got hold of a Lensbaby 3G – I’ve wanted one for ages! I couldn’t wait to start using it, even though it was pouring in rain out and there was no light at all. Imaptient.…

Digital Photography


I love the way swan’s feet look – like a dragon wearing welly boots – so alien, yet practical looking compared with the refined elegance that goes on above the water……

Digital Photography


Look up, look at the leaves, they’re almost done but oh so beautiful… …then there’s the mysterious stems that look so curly and intersting now (especially if you’re a spider)… …but I like the seedy skeletons of cow parsley…