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i love donkeys!
Digital Photography

Donkey work

Last week was great – the sun was shining, I was off work for a couple of days and I got to see these chaps! I do love a donkey – these ones live at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary which…

bright autumn leaves
Digital Photography

Fabulous 40

I think my little 40mm pancake lens is my very favourite Canon lens. This is surprising because… it looks ridiculous. On my beefy Canon 5D Mk II it looks like I’ve forgotten to put a lens on at all. the actual glass lens…

number 57


At the weekend I realised I’d been indoors for a whole week and that my hand had been clawed around a mouse for pretty much the whole of that time. That’s not good! So, I grabbed my camera and took…

Digital Photography

So much green!

May is the month when everything turns green and it’s everywhere you look right now. That is if you’re able to get outside – a place I’ve been absent from a lot lately, and luckily that’s exactly where I was…

Digital Photography

Something new – FujiFilm X100T

I have a new camera! Now, I haven’t said that for AGES – and yes, you’re right, I did say I was going to reduce the drawers full of camera gear I have. Somehow though, I managed to persuade myself…

Digital Photography


One minute it’s all like this… Then you wake up one morning and everything’s gone Technicolor! I missed out on Spring last year, so this years bountiful blossoms have been more than welcome. I’ve been snapping away at every opportunity (as you…

Digital Photography

Devon knows

I went to Devon recently and got a real taste for the outdoors life – I ate scones and clotted cream every afternoon (it’s the law), frolicked with donkeys and saw a solar eclipse! On the morning of the eclipse…

Digital Phone Photography

A walk in the park

You don’t always need a big, fancy camera when the photography bug bites. Being there is 99% of the solution. Thank goodness for camera-phones and social media… Hooray, I’m outdoors! #vscocam A photo posted by Angie Muldowney (@angie_lemon) on…

Digital Photography


When the photography bug bites and there’s no daylight to play with, I like to fire up my faithful friend, Photoshop and have bit of a fiddle……

Digital Photography

It’s that time of year again

It’s a busy time of year if you sell things. People who are a lot more organised than I am have started their Christmas shopping – apparently you don’t have to do it all last minute on Christmas eve. I…