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Something new – FujiFilm X100T

I have a new camera! Now, I haven’t said that for AGES – and yes, you’re right, I did say I was going to reduce the drawers full of camera gear I have. Somehow though, I managed to persuade myself that I couldn’t live without this particular purchase. The good news is, I think I was right!

I am now the proud owner of a FujiFilm X100T.

me with my new camera!

I umm-ed and ahh-ed and watched so many YouTube videos about this camera. Buying any photo gear nowadays is quite the head-scratcher – it’s not so much about any one camera or brand being better than another; it’s more about how you’re going to use it.

oak leaves

I wanted something light and easily-carry-roundable. Something that was intuitive to use without needing to navigate loads of menus or memorise ninja button-holds. Something that nailed the focusing every time and took amazing photos. I’m happy to say, this camera is that something.


It’s got a fixed, prime lens, so no having to think about what lens to use – I love that. The lens is a 23mm f/2 (which is a film slr equivilent of a 35mm lens), so great for all sorts of scenarios, including low light.

It feels very reassuring and comfortable using a camera with physical ‘knobs and dials’ on the outside. You twist the ring on the lens to open or close the aperture. There are dials for exposure compensation and shutter speed, a slidey switch to change the focus-mode – and you can do all this with your fingertips whilst looking through the optical viewfinder (which is a hybrid viewfinder which you can overlay electronic info – sounds hard but it’s actually easy – makes manual focussing a piece of cake). There’s lots of techy reasons why this is great but you can read all of those on Amazon.

cow parsley in the cemetery

Let’s cut to the all important detail here – the colour. I went for the all-black version (as opposed to the silver and black version available). They both look stunning but I sometimes think silver and black is trying a bit too hard (and I’m lucky enough to have a properly ‘retro’ film camera that already look like that).


It’s not 100% perfect – a flippy-out LCD screen would have been nice, and whilst I personally see the fixed prime lens as an asset, I know some people will hate this. It’s only pocket-sized if you have giant pockets (but anyone else with a Canon 5D or similar DSLR will already have uber-strong neck muscles like me so will consider this as light as a feather)!

This camera won’t be to everybody’s taste, but it is to mine! I look forward to mastering it properly (I’m still a bit fumbling at the moment). Watch this space.

new leaves

All photos taken, unsurprisingly, with a FujiFilm X100T.

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  • Reply
    14 May 2015 at 13:17

    Ohh I’ve read a lot of good things about this camera too – and briefly considered a digital fling with it but changed my mind ha! Have fun – I can’t wait to see your results from it!

    • Reply
      14 May 2015 at 18:58

      If you do ever come over to the dark side then this would be a good choice – it’s the most film-like experience I’ve had with a digital camera :)

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