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Southampton Old Cemetery

bright autumn leaves
Digital Photography

Fabulous 40

I think my little 40mm pancake lens is my very favourite Canon lens. This is surprising because… it looks ridiculous. On my beefy Canon 5D Mk II it looks like I’ve forgotten to put a lens on at all. the actual glass lens…


A summer afternoon

It’s Sunday now and I’m writing this in the pouring rain. These photos from Saturday look like another world away; when the sun was shining and the whole weekend was full of possibilities. This old cemetery is at the end…

Digital Photography

Something new – FujiFilm X100T

I have a new camera! Now, I haven’t said that for AGES – and yes, you’re right, I did say I was going to reduce the drawers full of camera gear I have. Somehow though, I managed to persuade myself…

Digital Photography

Gothic autumn

OK, so Autumn is turning out to be just the inspiration I need to get out with my camera. Yesterday I visited the old Victorian cemetery in town; it’s near my house and a favourite old haunt of mine. Everything is still mostly green…

Digital Photography

The heat of the moment

I’m super-wimpy when it comes to really hot weather – I do love (love, love) it but it can be quite hard work. Today was just that sort of day, when the overgrown shade of a Victorian cemetery became particularly…

Digital Photography

Signs of life

Don’t let the Scooby-Doo-ness of the location fool you – a spooky Victorian cemetery is just place to spot those early signs of Spring that mean so much at this time of year. It’s always pretty lush here, thanks…

Design Digital Photography


Is this a humblebrag? I hope it’s not, it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be an explantion for all the tumbleweed round these parts of late. I realise now that whilst I had ‘a plan’, it was…

Digital Photography

One hour of sunlight

It was Bank Holiday Monday. We were eating brunch (a meal that became a lot less fun when I discovered it supposed to be instead of breakfast and lunch, not as well as). I was just about to shovel…

maple seed pods
Digital Photography

After the light

Autumn can be quite show-offy and brazenly colourful at times, don’t you think? Often though it is quite muted and serene. These are from a late afternoon stroll in the old cemetery over the weekend – it was dark…

Digital Photography


It’s a bank holiday here in the UK and that means the fair is in town! I thought this would be a good opportunity to test (ahem) my new camera which I had just loaded with film. More about…