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Southampton Old Cemetery

gravestone - diana f+ with instant back
Instant Photography

Instant Diana

The sun came out this afternoon (hooray) so I nipped out for a wander down to the old cemetery. I took my Lomography Diana F+ with the instant back. I love the effect it gives – it uses the…

Instant Photography

Life and death

My traisping around the local cemetery is well documented on this blog (promise I’m not a goth. Not anymore). It’s Victorian and not used any more but is beautifully overgrown and maintained in its ramshackle condition as a historic…

Digital Instant Photography

There must be an angel

I like to hang around graveyards; spooky, derilct Victorian ones, full of hidden paths, secret tombs and overgrown ivy. I was a bit of a goth during my teenage years, that must be why. Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film…

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I have a whole of the year in front of me and I’m determined to make the most of it – find the value in the small things and take some bigger steps, too.…

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A walk in the park

Yesterday was a very Sunday-ish day, which is not surprising at all as it was, in fact, Sunday. The highlight was being outdoors in good weather and natural daylight! It has been many, many days since this has happened…

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Poor hubster. Bank holiday weekend and the promise of a funfair on Southampton Common – it’s been advertised all over town for weeks – come to the fair! We got there yesterday morning (early for literally the first time…

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Resting place

One of my local haunts (excuse the pun) is the Old Cemetery in Southampton. It’s Victorian, very gothic and just down the road from my house so I often go there to wander quielty amonst the gravestone with whichever…

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Now the clocks have gone back an hour and autumn has well and truly settled in, it’s frightfully inconvenient to be spending all my daylight hours at the ‘day job’. So when the weekend comes around it’s all a…

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Photo Friday – Somber

You say sombER I say sombRE. I caught myself writing colOR instead of colOUR the other day – that’s what coding style sheets all day does for you!…