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Photo Friday – Weathered

Another shot from Southampton’s spooky ‘Old Cemetry’…

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    16 December 2008 at 04:00

    My Secret Love (28 May 1995)
    I have a secret love
    Who walks amongst these fields
    Across the yellow woods she lives
    Nearby the seven hills
    Hair black as the raven
    Eyes tempestuous seas!
    Ruby lips, flashing nails
    Limbs draped in burgundy
    She walks the path, now overgrown
    And gives no thought to me
    Raindrops smooth the marbled stone
    That holds my memory
    When she was a child, I was a child
    Along that very lane
    We’d sing and dance, and holding hands
    Enchanted we would play
    When I was a child, she was a child
    Then the cold, damp, wintry rain
    Brought to me the cough of doom
    And took my love away
    I’ve watched her grow each passing year
    More comely with each turn
    Feelings—all that’s left of me—
    To watch, to pine, to yearn
    Another’s hand, another’s kiss
    Another’s soft embrace . . .
    I’ve watched her joys turn slow to tears
    And the light fade from her face
    This Spring I see a youthful form
    As when my spirit sped,
    An elder woman strains apace
    Her daughter being led
    Along the lane of the yellow woods
    Nearby the seven hills
    My feelings haunt the eternity
    Each generation fills

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    18 December 2008 at 00:07

    What lovely poetry, the words go well with the gotic victorian graveyard.

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