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A walk in the park

Yesterday was a very Sunday-ish day, which is not surprising at all as it was, in fact, Sunday. The highlight was being outdoors in good weather and natural daylight! It has been many, many days since this has happened so I grabbed the opportunity (and a camera) (oh, and the hubster) and went for a peaceful stroll around Southampton Common.

You’ll know by now if you’ve been reading this blog that I have a morbid fascination for rundown victorian cementries, so that’s where I headed for first. It’s a huge place with all sorts of hidden alleyways and overgrown mysterious corners.

Then we went to feed the ducks my left over homemade bread (no, they didn’t sink afterwards). And look at these sleeping swans – how dreamy!

Berries are everywhere at the moment and lend themselves perfectly to a wide open lens (which I am officially still deeply in love with and haven’t yet removed from my camera).

All this was finished off with a roast chicken. I LOVE roast chicken. It’s the ultimate in convenience yet gives the impression of sweat-inducing kitchen-slavery – just whack it in oven and eat with some VERY good french bread, butter and tomatoes. Yum.

To finish it all off was a brand new Doctor Who. Everyone knows this should be shown on a Saturday teatime really, it’s traditional, but that’s ok, it was still pretty cool. I’m going to miss David Tennant gurning his way through a stream of end-of-the-world adventures. Change is good though – bring it on!

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    Victoria Bennett Beyer
    17 November 2009 at 17:12

    Beautiful pix. Looks like a lovely place.

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