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Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM lens

Digital Instant Photography

Bank Holiday

Here are those peonies again – I had to photograph them because: a) the’re really pretty b) they are an unusual ‘single’ variety rather than the regular stuffed type, full of an impossible number of petals c) look at…

Digital Photography


Who was it that decided that 24 hours would be enough hours for a day? They were very wrong, there needs to be 30, at least. I’m guessing though that if there were that I would still be moaning…

Digital Photography

Five senses friday

I love abbytrysagain’s blog (photography heroine) and decided to join in with her five senses friday… Smelling: Lillies. Wow, when you come home in the evening the scent bowls you over with it’s enthusiastic muskiness.   Seeing: Everything in…

Digital Photography


Today I realised that we’re definitely past that pesky winter solstice as it seemed really light at 4.30 this afternoon – hardly dark at all! I celebrated by throwing in a bunch of tulips with my supermarket shopping.…

Digital Photography


The house is now officially christmassy – this star is in the front window – that’s as far as outside decorations go in our household. See those net curtains – they’re the I have ever owned in my life!…

Digital Photography


If in doubt, a sunset is always a good bet as far as subject matter goes. Xmas decks have finally been dragged from loft today so expect some twinkly bokeh moments soon!…

Digital Photography

Stillness and light

Today we have had SUNSHINE! It’s thin, watery winter sunshine but it’s bright and light and very gratefully received, especially on a Sunday when I am home to enjoy it. The glass is one of four and I love…

Digital Photography


The edge. Not yer man from U2 but more a topographic feature of the landscape. Obviously this wasn’t taken today as this scene would look very different (and very wet). There was thunder and lightning today, too – I…