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Bank Holiday

Here are those peonies again – I had to photograph them because:

a) the’re really pretty

b) they are an unusual ‘single’ variety rather than the regular stuffed type, full of an impossible number of petals

c) look at how huge they are

d) I’ve not been out of the house today and I had an itchy shutter finger

See the “fire” in the grate – that’s on because I was freezing cold today. Luckily the illusion of fire was enough to warm my cockles (they’re actually fairy lights).

And today is also the first day of ‘Roid Week. So… guess what…

I had to take them out into the sunshine for this – that SX-70 really needs lots and lots of light to be happy.

I then spun 180 degrees and took this one too – I like how it look likes night time…

Tomorrow I plan to actually leave the house and I promise plenty more Polaroids (no peonies). x

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  • Reply
    4 May 2010 at 00:56

    i love peonies. we’ve never grown them. maybe we will get a plant this year. i love the fairy lights in the fireplace. i keep telling my husband that we need to take out our money sucking fireplace gas insert out and just replace it with candles but i like the fairy light idea much better. i love the processing on your photos. love the ‘roids.
    i am determined to make my picture processing look like your beautiful polaroids….

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    11 May 2010 at 21:19

    These photos are beautiful. I love the effect you create with these, they look very warm and vintage.

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