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85mm f/1.8 USM lens

i love donkeys!
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Donkey work

Last week was great – the sun was shining, I was off work for a couple of days and I got to see these chaps! I do love a donkey – these ones live at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary which…

number 57


At the weekend I realised I’d been indoors for a whole week and that my hand had been clawed around a mouse for pretty much the whole of that time. That’s not good! So, I grabbed my camera and took…

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Wild wood

I love that I get to be eye-to-eye with crazy-faced beasts if I drive for just 20 minutes from my home. And autumn in the forest is the most wonderful treat of all – I am looking forward to seeing…

Digital Photography

Gothic autumn

OK, so Autumn is turning out to be just the inspiration I need to get out with my camera. Yesterday I visited the old Victorian cemetery in town; it’s near my house and a favourite old haunt of mine. Everything is still mostly green…

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Making time

My camera got the shock of its life today. Not only did I pop a memory card into its tummy, I also removed the 40mm pancake lens that’s been attached pretty much permanently since I got it last year. I’m…

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Secret squirrel

I love spies, spying, espionage, secrets, code-breaking – anything like that! I’m currently devouring the whole of John Le Carré’s ‘Smiley’ back catalogue on my Kindle and am absolutely beside myself with excitement that the new series of Homeland kicks off next…

Digital Photography

Keeping the crazy at bay

A break in the clouds today happily coincided with a half-day off work. My shutter finger has been majorly under-utilised of late so I popped into town and had a walk through the parks – I just needed to…