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85mm f/1.8 USM lens

agapanthus - pentax k1000
Digital Film Photography


It is innate in us all to want to record the wold around us; to paint a picture, to take a photograph. Don’t you think? film – Pentax K1000 and some Fuji 200 Superia film For some it is…


In the pink

Took ‘a turn’ round the park on Sunday… yes that does make me sound 100 years old (and no, I am not 100 years old). I powered my zimmer frame (joke) along to the Japanese garden as they have…

Digital Photography

Freshly unsqueezed

It’s jolly nice to know that somewhere in the world (far, far from these cold shores) oranges are now in season and being picked just for me to be able to have something colourful to photograph and tasty to…

Digital Photography

Hard at work in the garden

I saw my Mum yesterday and meant to get her to sign my note excusing me from blogging lately – basically my ‘big’ computer has been poorly to the extent that I couldn’t edit my RAW files (and I…

Digital Photography

Dust off your cameras

The ever inspiring (and lovely) Susannah has had a super brainwave and I think we should all join in. Intriged? It’s ‘The August Break 2010’. This doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to see here, in fact there will…

Digital Photography


July is such a wonderful month in the garden – a time to sit back at watch it all flourish – except you don’t get much of a chance because it all needs picking and eating (or plonking into…

Digital Instant Photography


I finished work yesterday and took a diversion on my necessary journey into town to visit the rose gardens in the park. Canon 5D MkII + 85mm f/1.8 lens + some ‘photoshopping’ Wow, is all I can say. It’s…

Digital Photography

Just a coupla pics

I’m not sure what this shrubby thing is but it looks lovely against the blue, blue sky… Talking of blue, I know what this is – forget-me-nots have to be the best named flower, ever (after The Stinking Corpse…

Digital Instant Photography

There must be an angel

I like to hang around graveyards; spooky, derilct Victorian ones, full of hidden paths, secret tombs and overgrown ivy. I was a bit of a goth during my teenage years, that must be why. Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film…

Digital Photography

Wistfulness & wisteria

And, exhale. It’s all over (in so many ways). Yes I am still banging on about politics and yes, I am being a little melodramatic. Sorry. Time for drawing lines now; time to dust off and start again. Anyhoo…