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85mm f/1.8 USM lens

Digital Instant Photography

Bank Holiday

Here are those peonies again – I had to photograph them because: a) the’re really pretty b) they are an unusual ‘single’ variety rather than the regular stuffed type, full of an impossible number of petals c) look at…

Digital Film Photography

Looking out

I’ve been feeling a bit trapped lately – not in a negative way, but I feel like I am tied to either my home / office / familiar places and am rarely get to escape for more than a…

Digital Photography


It’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s a non-work day. I’m off out to find some more of this stuff… Canon 40D…

Digital Instant Photography

Camera Wars – round 2

Here we are for another round! The last bout saw the Polaroid win hands down, but that’s hardly surprising as it not only recreates an image but it also loads the photo with syrupy nostalgia and romantic nostalgia! So,…

Digital Photography


Everybody responds to a face. You can’t not look at a face when it’s put before you in photographic form, they draw you in and make you look. Here are just a few amazing portraits I’ve found on flickr,…

Digital Photography

Leafiness abounds

Everything looks so different now that the trees are growing leaves again; colourful and inviting. I love looking up at the sky through the branches……

Digital Photography


In the UK, if you want a bland, non-committal beige paint for your walls you choose a shade called ‘magnolia’. But, at this time of year when you look around and see the real thing blossoming all around, you…

Digital Photography

Flower power

Here’s another bunch of the cheapy flowers I bought from the supermarket – I love them and they stink up the house real good. Don’t come over if you have hayfever though, as I over indulged and every vase…