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It’s that time of year again. I snuck a bottle of Dissarono into the shopping trolley today (god bless those italian monks) and as the rules state you HAVE to have a drink when you’re wrapping up presents I…



Clearing the garden ready for the impending winter I rescued this very exotic looking lilly which I have no recollection of ever planting. Goodness knows how it’s managed to survive the frosts we’ve been having, it looked a bit…

Instant Photography

Today is…

A sunny day (about flippin’ time – August here in the UK has been a total washout). Tuesday (but feels like Monday because yesterday was a Bank Holiday). Pay-day (hooray, I am rich… for about half an hour, then…

Digital Photography

August break XXV

This is the lovely orchid I got for my birthday a couple of months ago – it has now gone te way of all houseplants in my care and is a petal-free stem looking very forlorn. Here it is…

Design Inspiration

August break XVIII

I spotted this in one of my favourite vintage shops on Etsy – it was love at first site and he fits perfectly on my windowsill. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be getting rid of stuff!…

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August break XIV

I have at last discovered my non-decaffeinated hot beverage of choice; mint tea. I tried the Twinnings one which was nice enough to pique my interest but a bit too toothpastey. This one by Pukka is much more rounded…

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August break XIII

I’ve not seen the film Crossing Delancey since I put ye olde video casette recorder out to pasture many years ago. It was my go to comfort film; whenever I was off work sick and stuck alone in my…

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august break VIII

You know how people think blogging is just people going on about what they had for breakfast? Well, here’s what I had for breakfast! Those blueberries by the way were homegrown and freshly plucked from the garden this morning.…

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Presenting my first and favoutite posy of the year! Sweet peas, chives, a geranium and rocket (if you grow rocket to eat, let some of it bolt because the flowers are just beautiful and smell great). Mainly though, this…