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Bank Holiday

Here are those peonies again – I had to photograph them because: a) the’re really pretty b) they are an unusual ‘single’ variety rather than the regular stuffed type, full of an impossible number of petals c) look at…

Design Digital Photography


Today I bought Peonies! I love how they go from tightly packed golf balls to girly pink blousiness. They are my number one favourite flower, bar none – not least because it means summer is just around the corner…

Digital Film Photography

Looking out

I’ve been feeling a bit trapped lately – not in a negative way, but I feel like I am tied to either my home / office / familiar places and am rarely get to escape for more than a…

Digital Photography

Five senses friday

I love abbytrysagain’s blog (photography heroine) and decided to join in with her five senses friday… Smelling: Lillies. Wow, when you come home in the evening the scent bowls you over with it’s enthusiastic muskiness.   Seeing: Everything in…

Digital Photography


It turns out I haven’t just been a big baby about feeling poorly – I actually have a bad case of tonsilitis. It sounds like one of those kiddie diseases that aren’t a big deal, but it’s very painful…

Design Inspiration

The French Mistress

This post (bad art gone good) by the fabulous sfgirlbybay has inspired me to purchase this original oil-painting… It was a ‘snip’ – much more of a bargain than any pre-printed, mass produced work that you might pick up…

Digital Photography

Alan + Marvin

I have introduced you to Alan the sea urchin before, but he complained that I’d caught him unprepared and not used his ‘good side’ so to stop his moaning I set up a full-on photoshoot to show him in…

Digital Photography

Miscellaneous Monday

* Everyone I have met today has had a really bad case of the Monday bleughs, never mind, it’s nearly over! * Why are my feet so cold? * Garden birds go mental with delight if you put out…

Digital Photography


My favourite christmas ornament. His antlers are looking a bit wonky but I think that adds to his charm.…

Digital Photography


My obssession with berries has now reached the inside the house, thanks to it being Christmas, and all. This is the dining room fireplace and it’s looking berrylicious!…