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Canon EOS 40D

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Sour grapes

Be warned, this whole post is basically just me me moaning about how today here in England it’s the first day of ‘summer hols’ for all school-age children (and teachers) and that I have to GO TO WORK. Every…

Digital Photography

Just a coupla pics

I’m not sure what this shrubby thing is but it looks lovely against the blue, blue sky… Talking of blue, I know what this is – forget-me-nots have to be the best named flower, ever (after The Stinking Corpse…

Digital Instant Photography

There must be an angel

I like to hang around graveyards; spooky, derilct Victorian ones, full of hidden paths, secret tombs and overgrown ivy. I was a bit of a goth during my teenage years, that must be why. Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film…

Digital Photography

Wistfulness & wisteria

And, exhale. It’s all over (in so many ways). Yes I am still banging on about politics and yes, I am being a little melodramatic. Sorry. Time for drawing lines now; time to dust off and start again. Anyhoo…

Digital Instant Photography

Bank Holiday

Here are those peonies again – I had to photograph them because: a) the’re really pretty b) they are an unusual ‘single’ variety rather than the regular stuffed type, full of an impossible number of petals c) look at…

Digital Photography


Not much to report today – only that I can’t believe we’re approaching the end of April. Aleady! Blimey, that went quick. At least it has meant an end to snow, ice, and photos of bare naked trees –…

Digital Film Photography

Looking out

I’ve been feeling a bit trapped lately – not in a negative way, but I feel like I am tied to either my home / office / familiar places and am rarely get to escape for more than a…

Digital Photography


Who was it that decided that 24 hours would be enough hours for a day? They were very wrong, there needs to be 30, at least. I’m guessing though that if there were that I would still be moaning…

Digital Photography


It’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s a non-work day. I’m off out to find some more of this stuff… Canon 40D…