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Five senses friday

I love abbytrysagain’s blog (photography heroine) and decided to join in with her five senses friday… Smelling: Lillies. Wow, when you come home in the evening the scent bowls you over with it’s enthusiastic muskiness.   Seeing: Everything in…

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Miscellaneous Tuesday

Well, the cake is nearly all gone – it’s a good job it was nice as there was a heck of a lot of it. I saw this cup in a shop window and thought I was looking into…

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Wow, I got such gorgeous comments from you all before I left on my mini holiday – thank you so much! They really made me feel very special – I think you’re all great! Somerset is such a lovely…

Digital Photography


It turns out I haven’t just been a big baby about feeling poorly – I actually have a bad case of tonsilitis. It sounds like one of those kiddie diseases that aren’t a big deal, but it’s very painful…

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Alan + Marvin

I have introduced you to Alan the sea urchin before, but he complained that I’d caught him unprepared and not used his ‘good side’ so to stop his moaning I set up a full-on photoshoot to show him in…

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Miscellaneous Monday

* Everyone I have met today has had a really bad case of the Monday bleughs, never mind, it’s nearly over! * Why are my feet so cold? * Garden birds go mental with delight if you put out…

Digital Photography


Just a quickie to prove I do still shoot digital, sometimes. I like the accusing stare of the masked mannequin…  …

Digital Photography


Not many words today. I like horses (especially white ones), but from a fair distance……