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What lies beneath

Now, there is something you don’t get with all that showy-offy, leafy, floweriness in the warmer months and that is a glimpse at what’s underneath. These are the skeletons that supported all that lushness last year and are marking…

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What can I say – everything is very January-ish right now and there’s not a lot we can do about it other than grit our teeth, smile and make the best of the cold and dark. Eight more days…

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Today I realised that we’re definitely past that pesky winter solstice as it seemed really light at 4.30 this afternoon – hardly dark at all! I celebrated by throwing in a bunch of tulips with my supermarket shopping.…

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I have a whole of the year in front of me and I’m determined to make the most of it – find the value in the small things and take some bigger steps, too.…

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Beside the seaside

The sea hasn’t quite frozen over yet, but phew, it’s getting close to it! This is Weston Shore in Southampton – the nearest seasidy place I could get to without exiting the city and braving unsalted roads. Now, this…

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It is still cold. Very cold. Embedded in permafrost. I did manage to make it into the back garden though.…

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Deep freeze

It’s still oh so cold and England is still panicking. We are totally geared-up for drizzle, fog and general blustery inclemency but get totally fazed when the temperature drops to minus figures; and especially by snow. But, for all…

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Guess what, more berries!

These are what my OH refers to as the “the very expensive hedge clippings”. Obviously when perusing options for flowers I plumped for the berries, I am truly addicted (don’t think this is the only photo or the only…

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My favourite christmas ornament. His antlers are looking a bit wonky but I think that adds to his charm.…