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Wow, I got such gorgeous comments from you all before I left on my mini holiday – thank you so much! They really made me feel very special – I think you’re all great!

Somerset is such a lovely county to visit – I normally just whizz through it on my way to Cornwall so it was great to discover just how lovely it is. It helped enormously that the sun shone its little heart out each and every day (and that the hotel was next-door to a 24 hour Costa Coffee), I can’t imagine may places in this country where those two things wouldn’t make for a great time (I love to search for beauty in unexpected places – it’s always there).

Anyhoo – what follow are my digi photos of Somerset – if I had to sum up my experience there in one word it would be ‘golden’ – from the stone used in the architecture (this is Montecute House)…

…to the colour of the heathland on Exmoor (although I unerstand it should actually be green and this is actually dead grass after all the snow and ice… still, it looks pretty this colour)…

…even the sheep looked golden…

…plus all the millions of catkins that were everywhere, just everywhere…

Golden times. And lots more photos to come once I get the films developed :)

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  • Reply
    18 March 2010 at 18:51

    awesome. there’s definitely a golden theme! so glad you had a nice time away and looking forward to seeing all your pics

  • Reply
    18 March 2010 at 22:28

    beautiful photos … golden light equals lemonlight

  • Reply
    21 March 2010 at 05:50

    gorgeous images! nothing feels better than that golden light!

  • Reply
    Life with Kaishon
    25 March 2010 at 17:38

    That light is so delicious.

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