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A walk in the park

You don’t always need a big, fancy camera when the photography bug bites. Being there is 99% of the solution. Thank goodness for camera-phones and social media… Hooray, I’m outdoors! #vscocam A photo posted by Angie Muldowney (@angie_lemon) on…

Phone Photography


I don’t have an iPhone so that means, up until a couple of days ago I didn’t have Instagram either. Now though it’s available for Android phones as well – that’s me! It means I now get to join…

Vignette - relish
Phone Photography

Camera apps for your Android phone

Do you have an Android phone that you love but are a bit jelly of your friends wonderful Instagram photos? Do not fear! There are some rather fabulous camera apps out there that you can use in a very…

Andy Warhol - gun
Life Phone Photography


Today is… my birthday! Here’s a big clue as to how old I am now… Here a glimpse of some birthday loot – my two favourite gifts… I’ve been off work all week (that’s really the best present of…