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Wish you were here…

Here I am again, back from the beach, back from Cornwall. The sun shone every single day and everyone we met was smiling – even the seagulls (sort of).

One of the (many) reasons we go back time and time again to Cornwall is so that Mark can do the whole extreme-beach-sports thing with kites on the huge sandy beaches. Apparently the conditions are just right (i.e. there are bars actually ON the beach). It’s a very enjoyable way to spend a day as an observer with a pile of books and magazines and a freshly made latte. You get to see some great sunsets afterwards, too…

Of course, we went to the Eden Project – we had been earlier in the year so it was free to get in and also meant we could jump ahead of the massive queue of people waiting to get in. Smug. The things going on in the biomes are fascinating and wonderful (and phew, hot), but I always seem to end up getting much more excited by the plants growing outside in the real world, surely a much bigger challenge with our freaky weather in this country (let me just reiterate – it was hot and sunny ALL WEEK and the was NO rain).

And we explored St Ives again too – a quintessentially quaint Cornish village that is always a joy to visit…

Oh, and when we went to Watergate Bay we saw a TV production being filmed (‘Echo Beach’ to be on ITV next year). Now I’ve googled it I see I could have struck celebrity gold and stumbled upon Jason Donovan and/or Martine McCutcheon. Sadly not though. The girl who was being filmed had possibly the biggest head-to-body ratio I’ve ever seen – I know this for a fact as I was startled by her in the ladies loos. Thinking about it though, lots of movie stars have quite big heads, so possibly she’s heading for great things. In the photo below, she’s the one in the pale blue top carrying the Champagne bottle. I think they’re doing her hair to make her head look smaller. Excuse the poor photo, but I felt a bit self-conscious about getting out a zoom lens. I am a rubbish paparazzo.

As I type this (actually, I was typing this last night… but you know what I mean) I can smell the wonderful aroma of home cooking – a big stew with carrot and swede and pinto beans. Eating out every night meant chips with everything and very few vegetables. We visited a wildlife park on Thursday – they gave us carrots to feed the farm animals – a very theraputic occupation but I have to say that after days of pasties and bacon and eggs we ended up eating more than a few of the delicious carrots ourselves! Sorry donkeys and goats. (Don’t you think this alpaca looks like Keira Knightley? Again, head too big for body.)

So, as I said, I am back. Thankfully I have another week off work in which the plan is to start revamping the dining room, but that’s a whole other story. I’ll leave you though with a shot of the cutest thing ever seen. They live on an ice cream farm, does life get any better?

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    19 September 2007 at 17:15

    It’s me again. Your scenery pictures are so breathtaking. And the piglets….. they are just so cute!

  • Reply
    9 December 2007 at 19:12

    ha- keira knightley- yes, it does! your photos are so wonderful. i love the seagull shot especially.

  • Reply
    20 February 2009 at 23:28

    I love your blog – your writing and your glorious photos. Always makes me smile :)

  • Reply
    18 June 2009 at 11:21

    You are so funny….thanks for the laughs.

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