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Fuji Instax Mini 25 goes to Cornwall

As the four day weekend that accompanies Easter is now well and truly over I thought I would reminisce a bit more about my magical trip to Cornwall last month. One of the cameras I took with me was my Fuji…

Instant Life Photography

Happy Easter

Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend, be it Easter-y or otherwise. I had chocolate for breakfast so I’m happy! Did you get an Easter egg? April showers are definitely the call of the day round these parts and…

Film Photography

A review of the Olympus Trip 500

This little chap here is an Olympus Trip 500. For 99p it would have been rude not to buy it, don’t you think? A quick dusting off and a couple of new AA batteries and it was ready for…

Digital Life Photography


I’ve been away. Again. I know! Not only that but it was once of the warmest weeks we’ve ever had in March here in the UK. It was 23°C (that’s like 70-something in Fahrenheit). So glorious and pure chance! We…

Digital Film Instant Photography


I took way too many cameras with me on my travels and I have to admit, some didn’t get ysed at all (don’t worry my lovelies, your time will come). The ones I used most were my Pentax K1000…

Instant Photography

Try again

Sunsets by the seaside – what’s not to love? I thought I’d risk a Polaroid even though the light was very low (and instant film needs lots and lots of light to be happy). The first attempt was, frankly,…

Film Photography

St Ives on film

This time last week I was in the quaint little village (possibly big enough to be a town?) of St Ives in Cornwall. For this particular jaunt I took just one camera with me; my 35mm film Pentax K1000.…

Digital Photography

West is best

Here I am, back from a wonderfully sun and sea filled break in Cornwall. My pockets are bulging with Polaroids, undeveloped films and sea shells. Somehow I managed to pull a ligament or something in my finger; ‘twang’ it…

Instant Photography

Come rain or shine

Ooh, look what I found nestling at the bottom of my camera bag. You’ve guessed it – more beach photos! Finding them was a cheery moment as it is lashing it down with rain and far, far away from…

Instant Photography


This weekend I took NO photos – time and daylight just didn’t allow and now I am sad as I have a week of office confinement before the next opportunity arises. Damn the tilting of the earth, the changing…