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I finished work yesterday and took a diversion on my necessary journey into town to visit the rose gardens in the park. Canon 5D MkII + 85mm f/1.8 lens + some ‘photoshopping’ Wow, is all I can say. It’s…

Digital Photography

BIG + small

All the little girls I was friends with at school seemed to have a set of matryoshka dolls in their home. Because I never did I’ve always hankered after them and now, at the tender age of 40 I…

Photography Tutorials

How to use a Lensbaby 3G

I’m the sort of person who does things first then reads instructions when things catch fire/blow up/fall to bits. All too often I find out that it was actually ME who was doing things wrong and the misbehaving item…

Digital Photography

Off with a bang

Well, the day after the night before felt pretty damn good (even if I am very sleepy after staying up till 4am)! It felt very right setting off a few fireworks tonight, and as it’s Guy Fawkes night too,…

Digital Instant Photography


Now the clocks have gone back an hour and autumn has well and truly settled in, it’s frightfully inconvenient to be spending all my daylight hours at the ‘day job’. So when the weekend comes around it’s all a…

Digital Photography

Lensbaby 3G

At long last I’ve got hold of a Lensbaby 3G – I’ve wanted one for ages! I couldn’t wait to start using it, even though it was pouring in rain out and there was no light at all. Imaptient.…