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July favourites

Oh, July, you’ve been amazing. Simply golden! So much light and heat and sunshine – everything I ever wished for. You’ve given me a huge dollop of inspiration to find a way out of my 9-5 existence and into a freer, creativer future (which is a double-edged sword at this stage as it means I’m pretty much working two full-time jobs – I am sure it will be worth it in the end).


Here are some other things I’ve been enjoying this month…

Carrying on from the debate I created here, I made this flickr gallery to demonstrate Why I want a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera (although I’m not rushing into any big purchases just yet. Probably).

It was ‘RoidWeek13 and miraculously I managed to post on all 5 days – these are mine.

I’m addicted to Kabuto noodles. They are the perfect lunchtime snack and taste like ‘proper’ noodles and nothing whatsoever like Pot Noodles (aka rubber-bands and freeze-dried peas). It’s hard to choose a favourite as they’re all so good but I think I’d go for the Chilli Chicken Ramen flavour.

Yo! If you’re a fan of classic literature (or want to sound like you are) then check out Thug Notes with Sparky Sweets, PhD…

OMG Look at these bean-bags (especially the camera ones)! If I’m going to lose all dignity and get stuck sat in something then I’d like it to be one of these.

If you feel your hands getting hot and sticky in all this summer we’re having then I can thoroughly recommend L’Occitane Verbena Ice Hand Cream Gel. It’s as refreshing and lovely-smelling as it sounds and makes your hands feel amazing – cool and dry!

Fear not, my Etsy window-shopping hasn’t been neglected this month – I am seriously crushing on this bracelet, this print and this lovely set of perfume samples.

My drink of choice during these hot months is an iced latte.

latte and drawing book

I spend far too much time in front of a computer screen these days so in a bid to get back to reality I’m making myself draw with pen and ink again, inspired by this brilliant book…
Illustration School: Let’s Draw Plants and Small Creatures by Sachiko Umoto

I received the most sensuous and wonderful package from Aëla Labbé. Honestly, I think it was the most beautifully packaged thing I’ve ever received in my life; brown paper, hairy string, lace, dried flowers, incense sticks, vintage glassine with embossed spider-webs, old book pages… al all used to wrap the most wonderful photograph. Such a treat for a packaging junkie like me. You really must check out her flickr stream and/or facebook page, Aëla is so talented!

my package from Aëla Labbé

Instagram is still rocking my world, however I am also a bit in love with VSCO’s Grid – it’s just so damn beautiful! This is my page on there.

Thanks to audiobooks whilst I work I’ve even been able to take in some books this month: The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell, The American Senator by Anthony Trollope, All the Martin Beck Swedish detective books by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. Oh, and I’m having another crack at Game of Thrones!

I hope July was good for you – here’s to an amazing August!

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    Life with Kaishon
    31 July 2013 at 00:33

    Oh my goodness! You are very, very busy. I love all of the things you have brought to my attention. I don’t know where to click first.

    I am also a packaging fan! Beautiful.

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