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Own brand

There’s a book being published next month that I really fancy getting my hands on. This may be of interest to you too if: you are from the UK and aged over 35 (and are the nostalgic sort) you…

Design Inspiration

Time to get cosy

Yes, it IS autumn now. We have permission to get cosy and purchase the lovely things that appear at this time of year to see us through the cold and darkness that lies ahead……

Design Inspiration

August break XXI

I am hugely in love with stationery. Adore it. My teenage years were spent working in WH Smith’s for a Saturday job where I got to play with the stuff all day and even today I have to hold…

Design Inspiration

August break XVIII

I spotted this in one of my favourite vintage shops on Etsy – it was love at first site and he fits perfectly on my windowsill. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be getting rid of stuff!…

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Things I love

I love that Elisabeth at finelittleday got her (Swedish) house in the country – I could easily stare at her photos all day, every day ,and from what I’ve seen there’s plenty of new eye-candy on the horizon! ~~~…

Design Digital Photography


Today I bought Peonies! I love how they go from tightly packed golf balls to girly pink blousiness. They are my number one favourite flower, bar none – not least because it means summer is just around the corner…

Design Inspiration

The French Mistress

This post (bad art gone good) by the fabulous sfgirlbybay has inspired me to purchase this original oil-painting… It was a ‘snip’ – much more of a bargain than any pre-printed, mass produced work that you might pick up…

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Maybe if I had all this lovely stuff I would stand a chance of being warm (and yet cool at the same time)! It is freakin’ cold outside – I am a southern softie and don’t cope well in…

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Style Rookie

Even though I haven’t a chance of getting anything designer past my knees ankles, I love the world of fashion – especially at this time of year when the urge to add more layers and textures is catered for…