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Whilst I often buy things just for the packaging, I do actually put some store in what the product is/does etc. One such recent purchase and something I’ve been loving lots and lots is this amazing face cream…

Antipodes Rejoice light facial day cream

…and here’s why:

  • The name; both of the brand and of the product is delightful. I love saying and writing the word Antipodes… ann-tip-oh-deeze. Brilliant. And who wouldn’t want to smother some ‘rejoice’ all over their face?
  • The typography also makes me happy – the hand-crafted lettering used in their logo and the bold-italic Baskervillian text all works to create something satisfyingly retro.
  • It’s from New Zealand. I’ve yet to meet a thing or a person that wasn’t super-cool from that particular part of the world.
  • It smells delish! It’s full of avocados, manuka flowers (ok, so I don’t know what those are), almond oil (almond oil = play-doh) and vanilla pods. All mushed together. Lovely.
  • It’s organic and contains only lovely, human-friendly things. No offence to the boffins at laboratoire garnier etc but some of your ingredients sound either scary or made up.
  • It’s only a little spendy and you get quite a chunky tube (60ml – that’s twice the size of most other ‘premium’ moisturisers) for your £26.
  • Speaking of tubes, I much prefer them to pots (more hygienic), plus it’s one of those metal ones so you know you’re going to get every last drop put of it.
  • It promises decreased fine-lines and a blemish-free complexion. It’s early days yet but you never know – this might be the one that does what it says on the box. #ibelieveinmiracles
  • It also promises to be light and non-oily… this is the one thing I would dispute. It feels really rich to me and a little oily to me (in a good way), which is great if you have really dehydrated skin like me.

Antipodes. I want all the things!

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    11 July 2014 at 22:22

    i use (& love) antipodes products too!

    manuka flowers are pretty awesome – they are tiny, usually white (but sonetimes pink) and they are full of antibacterial properties. great plant medicine!

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