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June favourites

How different sorts of tears look totally different close up.

Spotify has been my saviour this last month or so – I feel so dispirited with the music played on radio nowadays, it’s just not for me. Now I have collected so many songs that inspire and fill my heart, it feels like I’m a teenager again. This one’s a particular favourite (and I love the dancing)…

My new favourite non-boozy tipple – it tastes just like turkish delight!

I love packaging and will often buy things simply because of it – here are some examples why.

I have pondered this my whole life; how to eat a pomegranate easily.


See that t-shirt? I know, I just had to buy it!

My favourite magazine (which I haven’t got my hands on yet but I am very excited about) is this photography special from Mollie Makes.

Look at the cool stuff I’ve found on etsy: this wrapping paper  | I want this in my bathroom | and just look at these personalised, embossing rolling pins

Cook scrambled eggs 3 ways by Jamie – I am now addicted to the American style eggs and have them whenever I can!

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    9 July 2014 at 20:30

    Without knowing it, I’ve always cooked scrambled eggs the American way!

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