I’m a happy (easter) bunny

Well, apparently it’s Easter this weekend and I’m being forced to have a four day weekend – ah well, if they insist! I’m determined to avoid all the chocolate-related temptations though, all the Cornish pasties and cream teas I ate last week seem to be massing themselves stubbornly around my midriff. (I only have to inhale deeply near pastry for the pounds to pile on).

The gardening bug has hit me hard though, so the digging and weeding I will be getting mark to do doing should be a good gym-substitute. And cheaper. And a nicer garden at the end of it, hopefully.

I’ve got lots of chillies, aubergines, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce on the go right now, so should be self-sufficient in salad and pizza toppings throughout the summer. Going to look at growing some things like cabbages and carrots too, never done those before, I guess they get harvested in the colder months… thank goodness I have used some of my accrued paypal funds to get this book from ebay!

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    5 April 2007 at 17:01

    “do’nt forget the herb garden”,
    “oh yes and plenty of rocket”

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