A procrastinators guide to the internet

I’m totally rubbish at origami but I might try a bit harder because I really want to make one of these – I could make a necklace and fill it with a secret stash of sweeties!

Here are some photographs of regular people going about there everyday lives from the time before Instagram (remember that)? I love these ones by Colin O’Brien – mainly from London in the 50s and 60s.

If you’re a notorious ‘can’t be bothered to look at the instructions’ type of person (like me) and you have an iPhone then you’ll love these.. er.. instructions.

I want to lie in a stream like this – wouldn’t it be marvellous?

I can feel some messiness happening in my near future – marbling things with nail polish!

This is a great – it’s a photo of exactly the same eye photographed with 100 different mascaras, so you can compare them really easily (and see that the cheap ones are just as good, if not better than the ‘premium’ ones). I like the look of number 72.

And finally, I’ve created a downloadable donut! No calories and lots of monochrome style. Check out my facebook page for 50% OFF this and everything in my etsy store.

donut - downloadable printable poster

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