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Free range

I always buy free-range eggs, they don’t cost much more than the eggs from the hens in prisons and they taste really good. I like good karma with my toasted soldiers in the morning.

free range eggs - pentax k1000

If there are any chickens out there reading this now, please skip to the end and don’t read this next bit… I also eat chickens! I do, they taste very good. I have professional butchery in my gene pool which I rebelled against in my teens by becoming a vegetarian. Every single mealtime my parents asked me “are you having meat?” For six years I had to explain, no, I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat. Every day. Six years.

free range chickens - pentax k1000

These days though I am a willing carnivore who also enjoys vegetarian food. I will happily pick at every scrap of flesh from a chicken carcass then boil down the bones and innards for stock (I told you silly chickens to stop reading)! Free-range, organic meat can be more expensive but really, ‘cheap meat’, do you like the sound of that?

chickens in long grass - pentax k1000

All these photos (and oh, so many more) were taken with my Pentax K1000 and some Fuji 200 Superia film.

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