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The Cotswolds

If you’ve ever done a jigsaw puzzle of a quaint little English village, or spotted one on your granny’s box of chocolates then there’s a very good chance it was of somewhere in The Cotswold’s. That’s where I’ve been for the last few days!…

Film Photography

Summertime bits and bobs

How’s you summer been so far? I’m still in denial that the one we’re having now is at it’s tail-end! I’ve taken to always having a little film camera in my (giant) handbag all times – here’s what I’ve…

Film Photography

Lavender London part two (South Bank)

The second half of my trip to London last week took in some wonderfully familiar scenery. The south bank of the Thames is always a perfect location for a photographic stroll as the landscape is suitably iconic yet always…

Film Photography

Lavender London part one (Deptford)

I popped up to London last week! I had such a good day, I was visiting the brilliant Leonie, who if you haven’t checked out should do so right now – she takes the most beautiful photos and writes fabulous…

Film Photography

Olympus mju Zoom Wide 80

My hunt for a pocketably small yet precise point-and-shoot film camera continues. I’ve already trialled and dismissed the Olympus Trip 500. Slightly better this time but also being rejected is the Olympus mju Zoom Wide 80 (called a Stylus…

Film Life Photography

The most boring blog post in the world

I’m giving you fair warning, this will probably be the least interesting blog post you will read all year, if I don’t write something soon though there’s a real danger of cobwebs forming over these pages! Even the photos…

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As amazing as it is to experience all the pink, wonderful fluffiness of springtime blossom, the next best thing has got to be seeing all those green leaves take over those bleakly stark wintry branches. Bringing the greenness into the home…

Film Photography

A review of the Olympus Trip 500

This little chap here is an Olympus Trip 500. For 99p it would have been rude not to buy it, don’t you think? A quick dusting off and a couple of new AA batteries and it was ready for…

Digital Film Instant Photography

Beachy Head

In my day job I am lucky enough to work with people from all over the world. The ones that are new to these shores all seem to want to visit the same particular place – the white cliffs…