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There’s not a lens wide enough or a filter freaky enough to do justice to the landscape that is Dungeness. It’s home to a nuclear power station, a small gauge railway, a lighthouse or two, loads of shipwecks, a…

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So, it didn’t rain every day on my visit to Kent, just most days! That’s fine though, I went with the flow. The rain was warm, there were plenty of cosy, dry coffee shops and I got to relax…

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A change of plan

I am happy to report that in the last week some photos were taken. By me! It didn’t quite go to plan – I got all the way to Kent before realising I had no memory cards with me.…

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Cheap as chips

Guess what, I love film photography! OK, so that’s no secret – nor is the fact that I love a bargain, which is why I feel no shame in admitting to shopping in Poundland. So, Poundland (I don’t have…

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Crazily (even though it’s almost April), since I took these photos the UK has been smothered, kicking and screaming beneath blankets of snow. I am totally getting why people up sticks and move to Spain – I’d bloody love to…

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The Cotswolds

If you’ve ever done a jigsaw puzzle of a quaint little English village, or spotted one on your granny’s box of chocolates then there’s a very good chance it was of somewhere in The Cotswold’s. That’s where I’ve been for the last few days!…

100 days of winter on flickr
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If my maths is correct (there’s a very good chance it isn’t) we are now half-way through 100 Days of Winter! Half-way! In 50 days time we will have reached the end of February and be relishing the prospect of…

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A new adventure

I can’t believe I made a vlog yesterday! I can’t believe I made another video today, too! I know they’re not brilliant but they never will be unless I practice. All I’ve done so far is talk into my…

statue of Issac Watts
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Midwinter miscellanea at 800 ISO

There’s a teeny tiny bit of brightness left in the sky and it is well past 4.30 – wonderful! Not this sky though – I took this one a few days ago when the sun was setting at about lunch time! (Exaggerating.…

pentax k1000 - poppyheads
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Rejects – Pentax K1000

Whenever I shoot photos with a digital camera I do it knowing at least 25% will get deleted; the weakest compositions, the out of focus, the eyes shut, they all go in the bin. With film it’s a bit…